Let’s just say I found the best Godot cosplay hands down.

Cosplay by KaZzu

oh, it’s my boyfriend! (actually!)

Apr 21st (+3916)
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can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that, as the game presents itself, something like this has to happen every time you call miller

Apr 21st (+800)

sorry I haven’t been very active lately, I graduate in 2 weeks holy shit ahhh

got all niced up for a recruiting party today and ended up talking to like two people, eating the free food, and then leaving #success

Apr 10th (+17)
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i did another thing for the msf twitter

don’t care how self-insert it is im cute as fuck as an MSF recruit

join me 8)

Apr 03rd (+34)
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"ummmmm ye- yea no, nope, nuh-uh, no thanks, nooooooosir, ah ha ha haha wh- wh- haha no"

Mar 31st (+91)

pictured (from left to right): a large baby.

Mar 31st (+141)


Mar 31st (+79)
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she likes to be held like a baby


Mar 31st (+11)
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"beep boop i am a robot"

Mar 31st (+16)

I decided it’ll be a fun challenge to do studies of people with interesting faces and then eventually caricature them into stylized form. Working on an obvious choice!

Mar 31st (+11)