Punk Rock FTW:

Yes, it is a prop from a film called Jurassic Park (1993) which is an adventurous little romp exploring the possibilities of scientists extracting sufficient dinosaur DNA to recreate them.

Sep 13th (+31)
Sep 13th (+31)
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I haven’t had wifi for like a month. Stupid apps sustain me

Aug 28th (+7)

me and the bf starring in a very unfortunate couple’s cosplay

Aug 28th (+14)

here have an ocelady to go with snake

Aug 15th (+16)

I’ve been trying to draw at work when it’s slow. ‘~’

Aug 15th (+43)


Hey! My commissions are finally open! I’ll have better examples up as they come, but here it is! Pricing should be fairly straightforward. If you are interested please email me at bishopkylie@gmail. If you would like to see examples of R-18 material, please send me an ask or email me and I will link you to my nsfw art blog.

Plain text version can be found here.

Even if you’re not interested in commissioning me right now, I would really appreciate it if you would consider signal boosting! Thank you.

please reblob i would like to draw art for you and your friends thank u

Aug 12th (+42)

I didn’t art this weekend, but I did see these amazing things.

Aug 11th (+13)

yep, beer is awful. moving on.

Aug 10th (+12)

i don’t even like beer. let’s do this.

Aug 10th (+5)