Hey, I’m moving and I really need to get rid of my Eridan cosplay. I’d feel bad just tossing it, so if there’s anyone who would like it please email me. (bishopkylie@gmail.com)

  • If you’re in the Seattle area, we can arrange to meet someplace and I can give it to you.
  • If you’re attending Kuronekocon or Anime Revolution, you can meet me at my artist alley booth.
  • If you don’t fit either of those categories and would still like it, you can pay shipping (I’m not sure how much it would cost, maybe ~$15?

This includes the cape, scarf, pants, and a science wand that makes noises. The shirt, horns, glasses, rings & shoes are either MIA or beaten up.

Jul 23rd (+4)

i’m actually really happy with how a lot of my new AA stuff is turning out!!

like look at these cuties 4 real


Jul 22nd (+25)

here’s my test of emofuri

its ridiculous and i love it

Jul 08th (+84)

a quick practicey thing to try and figure out tvpaint!

seems neat?

Jun 30th (+8)
Jun 19th (+56)

i did that palette challenge but i cheated a little


Jun 12th (+9)

I’ve been playing Tera and I’m playing a piece of trash nice guy elf slayer. My boyfriend is playing an elin mystic. We’re terrible together and its great.

Add me if you play on ascension valley. My elf is Vekovis and i have a castanic female priest named Cirona.

Jun 09th (+4)
tagged as:tera-

my missing limb husbandos

the tiniest big boss

Jun 01st (+6)

holy shit ike is so buff

May 28th (+1)

I liked Godzilla alright. I hope it inspires people to watch the original films. I’m a really huge kaiju/Toho nerd so if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

May 16th (+3)